Official Site for the #FANDRAS_FANBUS! Coming to Vegas for Clexacon 2018!




In order to secure a seat on the #FANDRAS_FANBUS you need a ticket. Tickets are $40-USD and (once available) can be purchased on this site by clicking HERE.

why isn't the bus free?

Because renting the bus isn't free. The only purpose behind selling tickets is to cover the rental cost and all associated fees. Any money we make OVER this will be donated to The Trevor Project!

wait, why did the price go up compared to the vegas bus?

The first bus was a learning experience, and we learned that we under-charged. We made enough to cover the basics, but ended up going over our initial budget estimate and had no money left over for the Trevor Project. (We did still donate to them out of our own pockets on behalf of the FanBus, though!) 

We realized we needed to re-evaluate our pricing strategy and sat down to craft a more realistic budget based on what we learned in Vegas. Also, because we have fewer seats available to sell on the Toronto bus means the cost per rider goes up. It sucks, guys, we know. But remember that your ticket is ALL INCLUSIVE. That means it goes toward your seat on the bus, 'swag' memorabilia you get to keep and any beverages you enjoy.

How many seats are available?

We will have 40 seats available for purchase!

what else will be on the bus?

The bus is a "party" bus and will come with:

  • A Bar (which will be stocked with limited beverages, both alcoholic and non)
  • Leather bench seats along each side
  • State-of-the-Art Sound System (that will be playing all your favorites from Wynonna Earp)
  • 2 HD TV Screens showing all the best Wynonna Earp clips!
  • "Nightclub Lighting" 
  • Blue and Silver Pom-Pom favors for you to take and shake like it's everybody's thing!
  • Your fellow Earpers to meet and party with!

What about the CAST and emily? will they be on the bus?

While we will be going through proper channels  to invite Emily and the Cast we can MAKE ABSOLUTELY NO GUARANTEES that any one of them will join us.

We have to remember that they are there first and foremost for EHCon and they have responsibilities to the convention they must meet. Additionally, they may just want to take a breather between events (which they deserve).

The #FANDRAS_FANBUS should be viewed as a KICK-ASS EARPER MEET-UP ON WHEELS! A chance to meet and have fun with like-minded folks who adore the show as much as you do!

where will the bus be?

The bus will arrive outside of the Westin at the Toronto Airport in Toronto, Canada.

When is this happening?

Sunday, Aug 12th, 2018 at 8pm

where is the bus going?

The bus will cruise around downtown Toronto and return to the Westin. There will be no stops.

how long will the ride last?

From the time the bus arrives at the hotel, to the time it returns, will take approximately 2 hours.

still have questions?

You can contact us HERE


Important Note:

#FANDRAS_FANBUS is a fan-organized event and is not affiliated with EHCon, their management or official programming in anything beyond a cooperative capacity.